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Trans-World Causation Revisited

Exactly one year ago, Crítica published my paper on Trans-World Causataion:
Trans-World Causation RevisitedCrítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 46, number 136, abril 2014

Axel Arturo Barceló Aspeitia
Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas

Abstract: In a recent paper, García-Ramírez (2012) has argued that Lewis’ counterfactual analysis of causation has the undesirable consequence of making trans-world causation possible. In this paper I argue, against García-Ramírez, that the possibility of trans-world causation cannot be derived from Lewis’ account of in-world causation, since there is no way of extending Lewis’ closeness relation among worlds into a similar closeness relation among pairs of worlds that is neither trivial nor ad-hoc. 
Keywords: resemblance, closeness, possible worlds, counterfactuals, Lewis

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