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Wittgenstein and Frege on Arithmetical Objects and Concepts

I. Introduction and Preliminary Remarks  This post aims at presenting two essential notions in Wittgenstein’s philosophical account of mathematics duting the middle period of his philosophical carreer: mathematical objects and concepts. 
Let me start by making two preliminary remarks: First, to specify to which Frege and which Wittgenstein’s I refer to, and, second, to clarify the scope of Wittgenstein’s philosophy of mathematics during this period.
First of all, it must be recognized that both Wittgenstein and Frege were thinkers whose philosophical views, specially on mathematics –a central topic for both of them–, radically mutated throughout their philosophical careers. In this paper, I focus on two particular periods of each of these philosopher’s careers. For Frege, I focus on his late XIXth century work, specially on The Foundations of Arithmetic (1884) and contemporary articles. For Wittgenstein, I consider only the work of his middle period, the early thirties, as it is…